Quiet, Off-Piste Activities

Experience nature in all its beauty on a ski tour

When it's just stopped snowing, when the snow is crisp and virgin… that's the perfect moment for a ski tour. Off the prepared pistes, winter becomes mysterious, spectacular and filled with the prospect of adventure. In the peace and quiet, you can feel the mountain more intensely… you can feel its power and give yourself to it. In the Grossarl Valley, you'll be presented with the most diverse range of tour opportunities for skiers of all difficulty levels. It is, however, essential that you read up on the dangers of being in the Alps and the weather conditions on the day of your tour before you begin. You must also bring the correct equipment with you.
The Grossarl Valley tourist board has, in cooperation with ski tour experts from the region, published a ski tour guide. This guide describes the ten most beautiful tours you can do in the valley.
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